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"Nice for aggregating data sources, but still requires manual classifications"

What do you like best?

Aggregated reporting out of my social networks.

What do you really dislike?

I can not create customized classes. As an instance, I need to associate/label campaigns as a particular business unit, results objective, ad type, or audience. There ought to be functionality to make reference tables or labels.

I would prefer a record of metrics by system and for all those metrics to be known as the same thing for different networks. Metrics are called different things within network UIs, within cross-network widgets, and within network-specific widgets. It is inefficient when building reports to attempt and figure out what a metric is known and if it's available (as a few aren't yet integrated for every network).

There are some reports that I attempt to construct at the daily amount that mistake from the page won't load. In addition, I need to build individual reports by system, and it would be perfect if each the metrics which I needed for every network were available in the cross-network report also would not crash when I attempt to construct and export it. I still have to build individual accounts by network (and sometimes multiple for one network, broken out into time frames), and then merge the data once it is exported.

What business issues are you solving using the product? What benefits have you understood?

I mostly focus on analytics, therefore being able to pull reports that are aggregated from one UI is fantastic.

"Great Cross-Platform Advertising Software"

What do you like best?

The best thing about AdStage is that it allows us to connect data from the a variety of advertising platforms we use to our customers such as AdWords, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more. The reporting feature is totally customizable for every client and as saved our team hours of job manually pulling this data from each platform. It makes it possible for us to find the big image all in one area. The automate attribute is fantastic as well and makes it possible for us to install rules/alerts to optimize client campaigns.

What do you really dislike?

The AdStage system can be slow to load at times. We have found it much more effective to place ads directly on the marketing platforms and use AdStage for the continuing monitoring/reporting features.

What business issues are you solving using this item? What benefits have you understood?

Being able to test outcomes from all marketing platforms at one central place is enormously beneficial.

"Great timesaving support"

What do you enjoy best?

Reporting capabilities are superb. We had a massive demand for a system that could pull together reports from multiple data sources, along with the AdStage dashboard feature is great for that.

What do you really dislike?

Some occasional odd behaviors crop up. Sponsored content placements like LInkedIn are somewhat spotty. Currently we Aren't able to place a routine content upgrade on a controlled account's LinkedIn company page

What business problems are you solving using the product? What advantages have you realized?

AdStage has allowed us to give greater transparency into the advertising operations team. We can supply detailed, weekly reports on internal staff stakeholders how their reports are doing. This has given our company more confidence in our level of support, in addition to having the ability to supply useful reports for customers. Centralizing all advertisements to get an accounts - placement and coverage - is a huge timesaver.

"Greatest Automation and Reporting platform for Online Advertising"

What do you like best?

Adstage boasts its offerings with fresh UI and UX along with the amazing characteristics like automating your campaigns, majority editing and incredibly customisable reports.

What do you dislike?

Nothing that comes into my head at the moment. They are doing a very good job at improving the merchandise with time.

Recommendations to other people considering the Item

Most"bang for the buck" factor comes with this platform. Their customer support staff is amazing and would do a lot to make certain you're happy with the item usage. Their product has improved massively in the last 12 months will things like Slack integration, etc.,. The setup is truly quick and simple - you just link your networks and it will sync all the data in moments.

What business issues are you solving with the item? What benefits have you understood?

Online Advertising automation, majority editing, scheduled rules, customised reports and much more

"Dashing Dashboard"

What do you like best?

Our Digital Marketing team loves Adstage! We use it to populate of our data from various channels into one easy to use'one stop shop' analytics dashboard and testimonials. We have alarms set up for certain triggers throughout our accounts and we use it to market monthly/quarterly reports. Customer service is also A+ and they're constantly releasing new capabilities!

What do you really dislike?

There are certain modest bugs/pitfalls we've uncovered through our use of this product. Aesthetically, it'd be wonderful to be able to customize the colors of a number of the report graphs aside from the defaults. The filters may be a little easier to use compared to technical'if then/must contain' statements. In an perfect world there would just be a drop from consideration arrangement to select or deselect particular adgroups instead of the present structure. Additionally a bit more personalization and segmentation over the Global Summary Dashboard will be fine later on.

Tips to others contemplating the product

Good customization and integration into present digital advertising channels!

What business problems are you solving with this product? What benefits have you understood?

Consolidating data and metrics across advertising channels to one page/report.

"AdStage has saved me not only money, but hundreds of hours"

What do you enjoy best?

The capacity to automate tasks, generate rules and actions based on certain criteria, and employ certain targeting to countless ads at once.

What do you really dislike?

I would not really say there is anything I dislike, but it could be quite awkward to learn and make sure that you are making the most from this platform. It not only will help conserve time by automating tasks which are typically done manually, but permits for other rules to be generated that are special to Adstage. A few of those can be a bit hard to find out and to ensure that you are utilizing them to their potential.

Recommendations to other people contemplating the product

If you have the budget, I highly recommend using them and making sure that you take all the training that you could. There are numerous features and methods to do things which may definitely benefit you, but you first need to know that they are accessible and how to utilize them.

What business problems are you solving with this product? What advantages have you understood?

As a staff, we have been able to save hundreds of hours by automating various processes, being able to implement a particular action on a wide-scale, and were able to create specific automatic notifications and principles that make sure we're getting the most bang for our dollar using our marketing dollars.

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