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Does Digital Worth Academy Work

Andrew Hansen - cofounder of Digital Worth Academy

Andrew Hansen is among the top rated super-affiliates in the world...

He's an Search Engine Optimization expert from Australia...

He is the co-founder of Digital Worth Academy together with his business partner Sara Young...

I did this interview with Andrew a day or two before, and asked him to share his experience and ideas to help all online marketers notably new affiliates to gain some benefits from his expertise...

Q1. Can you please inform us a bit about your background and what led you to are a full time affiliate?

"I'm probably unusual in the sense I didn't have a"background".
I began making blogs and running advertisements on them when I was 19 yrs old. I was virtually straight out of high school plus I receive very lucky after I was introduced into some entrepreneurs that were selling things on line.
I'm 32 today and also this has proven to function as career. I have been making sites, doing internet affiliate marketing and selling things online ever since."

Q 2. How did you first make money when you started internet affiliate marketing?

"Initially -- like most internet marketers -- I started out selling supplements. From the one fat loss pill, and one hair loss cream were one of my very first commission checks.

The crazy thing is that I was doing a rudimentary version of that which I still do now: Create content, make it ranked in Google, etc.."

Q 3. What are the biggest obstacles you had faced to eventually become the success you are now?


"the net of today is nearly unrecognizable on the internet I started outside. A significant challenge is always balancing. It's simple to own one success on the web, but to keep a digital firm successful long-term means keeping on top of changes and being consistently prepared to boost your plans, even if they are"not broken".

Q4. How can you drive traffic to your affiliate websites or to your website of a Merchant that you are promoting?

"I'm an SEO guy. Ido more face book advertising now than in the past, more Pinterest, and receive more traffic from referrals. But good old fashioned Google is exactly what I have stuck to.

For other people though, the"just how to drive traffic" question is just one of potency to a company version. There's no"best" solution to drive trafficonly good ways of getting the types of traffic which turn your traffic into revenue."

Q5. Apart from money, how has internet affiliate marketing affected your life style?

"I think lifestyle should be viewed the prime advantage of doing work yourself and conducting an electronic digital company. If you want to earn precisely exactly the identical amount of money every year, and not cause the failure or success of a company, then a project with a good salary is a wonderful thing.

If you're okay with a few alterations, and you are willing to sacrifice the time and money to get it off the ground, having a business will mean that you can take weeks away at the middle of this week. It is possible to take 6 weeks holiday per year rather than 2. You wont answer to anybody. You're going to be rewarded for your effort. That is a pretty excellent life "

Q 6. Just how has affiliate marketing changed within the last few years, and how do you have responded to such changes?

"Tech are the simple answer. Additionally rivalry. Affiliate marketing online used to be mostly young guys in their basements, now you will find Fortune 500 businesses monetizing with affiliate offers.

You have to be smarter and more tactical now. But there's also greater chances. You can find more niches, affiliate programs... more miniature corners of the web that enormous competitors don't bother to touch, but regular people can make a wonderful surviving in.

On the technology front, I'm considering programs. It doesn't pay for considered a 1 trick pony anymore. Having a specialty in state Facebook advertising is nice, however if that means you know nothing about SEO, a rival might end up eating "

Q 7. What mistakes are you with your affiliate promotions/sites and what could you have done differently?


"I figure I'm echoing a point from previously here, however I understand I've been too slow to change at certain points previously. I have fallen in the trap of feeling comfortable a strategy is working well, and maybe not watching carefully enough to the improvements which can be crucial to make in order to maintain growing.

Now I am far more seriously interested in looking ahead and trying to be the very first one within my market testing a new technique rather than the last one.

But that's among the numerous mistakes. Another significant one is that I'm a big fan of the"minimum workable" approach. You establish the minimum viable of your site, a sheet of content, a promotional plan, and you also improve it as time passes and centered on results.

However, I've learned there are times where"minimum workable" doesn't serve youpersonally, and for the interest of a big reward, you would have been better off making a significant bet on something, committing more resources, doing it really well, and also being out before your market because of it."

Q 8. If you are supposed going to start out from scratch , what would you do with Digital Worth Academy?

"I would build one single web land and attempt to ensure it is valuable as possible. I have made close to 100 small web sites over the last few years and while it's been profitable, I have to make an effort to not consider exactly how much more profitable it would have been had I committed all of the time and resources into a single property"

It is possible to download a free novel from Andrew and Sara where they reveal the way that they utilize and advise affiliate marketers to work with today.

Q9. Last but most certainly not the least, what is the 1 advice you may give affiliate beginners?

"Start from day one by believing about what you're doing as a company. You're not playing on a laptop, trying to hustle a few bucks; You're starting a venture. It will take work and at least a small funding.

In the event you produce a profit from your first month you are either blessed or doing this wrong. But hard it sounds, know that the benefit is a rare and prized gift: A lifetime lived in your terms."
This will be the end of the interview, however, Andrew has a surprise for you...

Andrew Hansen and Sara Young have only released an incredibly inspirational (and valuable) publication, also for a brief while, they will have made it readily available for free...

I highly recommend that you catch this while it's still online. It shows an incredibly powerful"Case Study" as well as also The 5 Measure"Digital Asset" Procedure they use to a earn an income since superb affiliates.

Follow this URL to grab your copy now.

After you download this PDF, you're going to find that a break down of this"Digital Asset" business model that got Andrew & Sara enormous results... and the 5 key steps that they had to make it happen.

It's an entirely free, nonetheless strategy-packed guide about just what their site failed, and the way that it can be replicated by average people who would like to set the work in...

(yeah that"work" part is vital. No overnight riches here).

Andrew & Sara aren't"taking advantage of a tendency" and so they will haven't"resolved a hack on" to making money.

They have been slowly altering one center digital business version for more than 10 decades, and as of the way the web is changing, it's working better now than it has ever before.

Read the report and see whether you're able to begin creating a"Digital Asset" your own, today!

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