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I enjoy sharing new (and totally free ) useful tools I find around the Web. This week's one is something that I just discovered about by a few of my favourite people online, Noah Kagan.

Along with all the other things he has going on, he now offers a tool to grow an email list through viral giveaways, called Kingsumo.


It turned into their #1 instrument which also resulted in getting more customers.

They rebuilt KingSumo and its current version is 2.0. It's absolutely free and you can sign up now and make a giveaway for your audience. Nevertheless, make sure to know how powerful this really is and why it matters.

For a start, there's the need to pay more attention to your email list. For this day, many bloggers and website owners who want to increase sales and traffic, do not realize it is all from the email listing.

Once they do, though, it comes time to think of exceptional (not spammy, dull or unproven) methods to produce people register. It is clear that you need to provide them something in exchange for their email. But everybody else is doing this also. That is the reason you need to run a giveaway.

It works because it creates a feeling of urgency (it's a time-limited offer). There's a real prize. And it has a viral effect -- such a great initiative makes folks subscribe and share more in order to become part of the.

Contests and giveaways are also low-cost but have a tendency to reach a bigger audience than the conventional procedures.
Fortunately, now there's a completely free tool we could use to find out if we could double our email list thanks to the strategy.

How does KingSumo operate?

It takes a couple of seconds to sign up. I did it immediately, though I won' be creating a giveaway right away like I have something different in mind (that is linked to the creation of what will eventually become the prize of the competition ).

Once you reach the'New Giveaway' button in your KingSumo dashboard after logged in, you'll see a form you want to meet all the necessary specifics.

Kingsumo fresh giveaways

You'll want to make some decisions beforehand, however.

More details:

Like what you're giving away, once the competition will participate, and what actions a contestant may take to get much more entries.

For pumped up and to get an actual step-by-step process for crushing it together with your viral giveaway, there is a cool guest post on Noah's website OkDork that serves as a case study: How I Used Viral Giveaways and KingSumo to Publish My Email List

Prepared to create your first giveaway and start growing your email list?

Head over to KingSumo and also make that free tool function for you.

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