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Is Connect Audience Work For You

ConnectAudience Review -- Getting FB Custom Audience To The Next Level

What if I told you that ConnectAudience can target just buyers, leave the bike kickers behind and raise your ROI but 50% or even more. Find out how that is possible from the evaluation below.

Creator: Wilco Kreij

Official Website:

More than 50% Early Bird Discount if you act
DiscountWhy Link viewer?

What if I told you that 90 percent of these information out there on internet promotion is wrong or a either outdated?

That should not surprise you considering every month that only 1 out of 10 mark that are online make money. The crap information only gets re-shared, re-package and resold over and over. How does this change?

The secret in advertising is invention.

Connect Audience: The Desired Change Of Email Marketing

How many times did you hear the term"money is in the record" online? Dozen? Hundred? Thousand? No matter if you are new or seasoned marketer you heard it from professionals, entrepreneurs and online marketers from all possible fields.

Don't get me wrong, the money is in the lists or list but about that after, however the majority of these gurus have 2 thing people.

Lists of 100,000 readers
Cash to spend on constructing those listing

Since you can see it is easy to brag with lists like this, but what if you don't have a list like that? Wouldn't you would like to understand what you can do in order to improve your ROI?

Wilco de Kreij wondered the same thing. He knew that sending only emails is an option. The available rates are bad, clicks rates even worse and earnings are crap. After all, you've got tens of thousands of marketers promoting the products to the exact individuals over and over again.

So he finally came up with an easy, yet powerful solution's of segmenting the list. This implies with Link Audience you will be able to split your list to specifics groups like

Buyers Only -- selecting the group for your best promotions

Openers -- did you know that some people will need to see offer 3 to 6 times?

Clickers -- you these folks are interested, so why not help them pick?

Additional customer crowd

Just take a look below how easy it is to make yours.

Because you can see ConnectAudience benefits both new and experienced entrepreneurs.

However, is Link Audience appropriate for you?

In my opinion anyone who has a email list needs connectaudience. It only takes out the job, research, and testing of increasing your listing income. That's not rocket science, just a fantastic business investment.

What if you do not have a record? As I said building a list is not hard if you've got the funds, however with link viewers segmenting and retargeting you'll be able to construct an email list. Wilco de Kreij has got the strategies inside to help you out.

On to of that you'll get

Our Own'Insider' Mail Retargeting Strategies Revealed

Retargeting Ad Swipe File

The Supreme Facebook Ads Guide

Each one of these bonuses will be included on your members once you're inside. However, to get them you will need to act. Grab ConnectAudience using a discount below for the cost.

Phil Benham

"ConnectAudience is the'missing link' of the popular retargeting occurrence! You do not want to conduct another campaign with no.

This is an app I will keep in my tool chest. You'll kick yourself if you find that your competitors start using this until you are doing!"

Marc de Groot

"It's not just creating custom viewers in an easy way, but actually pursuing throught with automation and an entire load of movie's with detailed directions. This product is dummy proof and I love that!"

Stefan van der Vlag

"All I can say is WOW! Just.. WOW! Wilco has done it this time. When using this strategy (retarget individuals who clicked on my mails ) we've seen 500%+ ROI on our ads!

It's really cool! It not only integrates with my favourite car responder, but it employs exactly the Facebook Advertising API... And well to get that you will need to experience an extreme vetting procedure!

With Join Audience you can now really dig deep as well as retarget individuals who started, or unopened your message, clicked on your link, put in particular guidelines for your retargeting... Like intersecting, and much more! I can easily find this 10x my existing retargeting gains. Thank you Wilco for crafting the following essential piece of the puzzle!"

Viv Neti

"We created a segment of customers who purchased within the last 3 Decades, and evenly divide the section into two groups:

Group A: Control, received single station campaign (email effort )
Group B: Test group, received multi channel campaign (Facebook advertisement + email campaign)

For a single week we targeted on a Facebook ad. Following the Facebook Ad campaign completed both groups have been sent the email campaign.

Below are the results of the email campaign:

The email conversion rate is significantly high along with the email campaign was effective when employing a Facebook advertisement to warm up the readers or bring awareness of the brand and products prior to sending the email effort.

Going forward our e mail marketing strategy will integrate Facebook Advertising to generate consciousness and we will use email advertising to capitalize on that awareness. "

Steve O'Connor

"I have access to ConnectAudience earlier and it's a great tool! Wilco is excellent at describing how to use the software and the service was quick and helpful. We use it a great deal of our Facebook ads and it's amazing, especially together with UpViral. Easily made our money back. Because men!!"

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