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Vortex Trader PRO is a Scam Or Legit

Vortex Trader PRO EA Overview - Is it good or scam trading platform?

Vortex Trader PRO automated platform attracted our attention as one of the most popular trading strategies around myfxbook, which can not be followed directly through the website's Autotrader service. We found it to be strange and chose to inquire into the system.


The trading approach behind Vortex Trader PRO is not described in details from the programmers. They do cite it isn't a scalper, martingale nor grid-based system. Our analysis of the current trading history shows that the system closes profitable trades fairly quickly, while winners are allowed to run farther. That is contrary to classic trading intellect, which dictates you need to do exactly the opposite.

The stop-loss amount seems to be set at 110 pips for most transactions, while the profitable trades are closed considerably earlier. The first take-profit amount is set in 20 pips, using a vast majority of transactions being closed earlier.

From a purely instinctive standpoint this type of system should go bankrupt fairly quickly. However, if you manage to register far more winning trades than losers, things can work out. This is the most unique portion of the system you will find plenty ow inning transactions, although some of them barely cover the spreads.

Historical Performance

Vortex Trading Pro was listed on myfxbook since April 2013, while being traded a live account with Synergy FX. The system has gained returns that were astounding , because inception. That being said that the system has suffered since October 2015.

The trick to Vortex Trader PRO's success is the high number of lucrative trades -- 89 percent. This is typical for a few scalpers, or grid systems, which finally go bust every time a major market move occurs. This system does not seem to be one of these types of EAs particularly, but nevertheless feels risky.

Vortex Trader PRO's gains utilized to raise fairly smoothly around October of 2015, according to the graph below.

Vortex Trader Pro gain

Drawdown is mediocre, with the maximum being 27.67 percent. That being said it has stayed at higher rates since 2015.

Vortex Trader Guru drawdown

The average pips per transaction will be 4.74, which is over our minimum recommendation of 3 pips. That having been said, since the system often closes winning trades , slippage could turn round the results fairly fast.

We must mention, withdrawals are made with this program, which might slightly alter a few of the stats in myfxbook. Also remember , that past performance does not guarantee future results.


As we mentioned at the start of the inspection, this system can't be followed at myfxbook. Rather it is being sold for a one-time fee of $799 or 3 monthly payments of $347. The site that's selling it feels pretty much like the majority of scamming sites. On the other hand, the results at myfxbook have been verified, which directs us to believe the offer is valid.

Bottom Line

We would not recommend investing in this program, at this stage in time. From a purely results-based standpoint, it has fought since 2015. Further more its whole concept feels very risky, though it has been employed previously. Perhaps if the developers were a little more open about their strategy, they'd have gained more credibility.

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