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Clipman Frequently Asked Questions & Answers


Response: No -- You can make videos. So that you may use your own logo, branding, colors and text to every single 21, there's also no watermarks. All videos are Full HD, so you're not restricted by quality.

Q2: Does Clipman operate on a Mac?

Answer: Yes it will! Clipman 2.0 works not just in your Mac, however on your smartphone, your tablet computer, your Linux setup as well as your Chromebook. That's because lives in the cloud, on our protected servers, that means all you need to do is connect to some web-browser.

Q3: Is there any guarantee?

Response: Of course -- if you're not satisfied with Clipman, we do not want your cash. You get 30 days to check out the platform. If you are not satisfied, just tell us and we'll send a refund to you. You can even keep any videos you've rendered in that moment.

Q4: Is there some ads training included?

Response each purchase comes with a video advertisements coaching workshop by Australian Video Ads master John Hutchison.

Q5: How long do movies take to leave?

Answer: It is dependent upon how many men and women are currently using our servers at the moment, but they are usually achieved in anywhere from 30 seconds.

Q6: How much does clipman be following launching?

Answer: $67/month, 297 year or 997 lifetime.

Clipman OTO:
OTO#1: Clipman TEMPLATES CLUB: $37/Month
Create Your Video Ads Much Like A Billion-Dollar Blockbuster With 20 NEW & Exclusive Templates Sent To You EVERY MONTH...Get 20 NEW templates directly into Your Account EVERY Month!

Right now, you've got accessibility.

30 templates you can use to make video advertisements that prevent potential clients in their paths.

[+] However I want to send an additional 20 templates to you every month:

More Details:

These templates are for.

They are ready and waiting for you.

And I'd love to send them your way.

All you want to do is simply take me up on my invite to join with our exclusive template club...

[+] template club members receive access

Let's face it, fashions and companies evolve.

What seemed awesome in 2015 looks obsolete and tired.

Therefore, as you utilize Clipman to increase your organization, you're going to need templates that are updated and new.

That's the reason why we created the Template Club.

You'll receive every cutting edge template because we print them (at least 20 each month).

Use them as many times you prefer. These templates incorporate special'themes' such as Black, Thanksgiving and Xmas Friday.

[+] And if your clients watch them, they're going to be amazed at what they see:


This is among our developments and I am pleased to offer this.

We're constantly adding exciting and new templates every month...

That means that you'll have unrestricted usage of every template we print.

[+] That is your one-time invite to combine Clipman's VIP Template Club (at a Substantial discount):

Now when you combine Template Club, you'll get instant access to every template we ever publish for a tiny monthly fee.

In fact, I believe that you are going to be surprised how economical it's to develop into a Template Club member. But I must warn you...move away from this webpage and you will not find this deal again.

I can only give you this deal ONCE.

Now, once Template Club to the public start, they will pay $67 a month.

When you consider it...that is bad. Shop about a template website like Envato and you'll get hit for about $130 +... and that is only for ONE template.

However, I really don't want price to stand between you and each of the extra sales you will see with all of the stunning templates.

Keeping that in mind, I'd like to make this deal a no-brainer.

So now...through this message only... you could combine for LESS than 40% of that which regular members will pay.

Join Template Club and you will pay just $37 a month for minimum 20 new templates each month.

Well under our growth cost.

Click here and we will automatically put in for your Clipman daily membership.

Click...and you get every template we print every month!

[+] You'll Get access to a Massive library of templates:

You don't have to employ a designer.

Masses of top quality templates sent to you.

Saving you moneytime and energy. You join, you'll receive MINIMUM 20 new, elegant design templates to try.

All for only $37 per month (just $1.85 for each new template -- BARGAIN! ) ).

OTO#2: the Video Ads Secrets of John Hutchison: Onetime Payment
Discover that the Million-Dollar Funnel Secrets From Australia's Video Ad Master....

[] Satisfy the video ad funnel MASTER:

His name is John Hutchison.

I doubt you have heard of him.

He's one of the blokes who like to maintain a very low profile.

John's NOT one of those ace types who prances around on stage.


You will normally find him face down in a computer somewhere around the world... doing exactly what he does best.

Building marketing funnels that cause him year and his customers MILLIONS.

His qualifications?

Part of this"Clickfunnels 2comma club" (Having marketed over $1 million bucks utilizing clickfunnels).

Several 7 figure Shopify shops run. Stores that are some of the stores on the whole shopify platform.

John's been in the'funnel video game' for well over ten years now.
Which means he has seen everything... tested everything...and he has the scars to show it!

But seriously, John is a renowned master in building funnels that flood businesses with sales leads and PROFITS.

Why am I sharing this with you personally?


He has assembled an...

[+] Exclusive training that reveals Ways to build-out video ad funnels that convert like CRAZY they can be conduct by you on AUTOPILOT:

What you are going to learn has revolutionised countless students and also your turn will be next!

His pupils have created over 100 MILLION dollars.

Thatmay seem like most of sexes, and's a number that is HUGE, but it is NOT. What he teaches functions.

[+] Discover How-To Create and Scale Video Advertisements and Video Ad Funnels To Enhance Conversions and Profits!

In this 4 week LIVE'Quick Track Immersion Workshop' with John you will find the Video Ad Funnel system which delivers conversion rates, which acquires customers and that maximizes Profits!

In advertising secrets you'll discover all you want to begin creating advertising funnels that tug month after month.

And to John week long training workshop for less than HALF cost it is possible to catch accessibility so for today only.

John practically never offers this training as a product and if he does you'll cover a minimal of $1,997. At $197 that's a deal in my book.

Particularly once you think about one solid video advertising campaign can hand you thousands of dollars...

...and cover your video ad secrets fee in one shot...

...$1997 is a bargain price when you consider what is available here.

However, I will make this a no-brainer for youpersonally.

So today...through this message only... you'll get on the four week video ad funnel secrets masterclass workshop for a fraction of that which people typically pay.

  • $497 won't be paid by you.
  • You won't pay $297.

All you'll pay and grab advertising secrets now is $197!

If you decide you do not enjoy it for any reason, during that time we'll refund your payment. In any event, I will be in touch soon to get you started on your Clipman membership...

[+] 4 Week Workshop Schedule:


  • Reverse Engineering 101
  • Video Advertising Anatomy 101

Week 2 28/11 Tue 8PM EST:

  • Video Ads
  • Video Ads Funnel
  • Video Analytics


  • Advanced Tracking
  • Google Analytics
  • FB LIVE Video Secrets

Week 4 12/12 Tue 3PM EST:

  • Rapid Scaling Secrets
  • eCom Millionaire

Clipman Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I strongly advise that you to receive your Copy of Clipman?

If you're searching for The #1 movie advertising creation software & instruction program for eCommerce & internet marketing that is going to let you Produce Irresistable Video Ads Which Turbo-Charge Your Revenue, Clients & Profits...And within 60 minutes or not, then Quotamator will be your highly recommended option.

=> Gorgeous Video Ads that Deliver FLOODS of Targeted Buyers to Your Website & Offers...

=> Without any intricate video editing program.

=Without having an arm and a leg to get a pricey manufacturing group.

=And spending a ton of money on designers and graphic artists.

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