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Funnelize Reviews

Funnelize Review

It wasn't long ago when he left a stellar class called Evolution that I first came across JayKay Dowdall.

Since that time, I've come to be a fan and he's produced 3 of the five courses I have observed this past season. Some people are just great and he is one.

Funnelize is the most recent course and like the others, it's pretty excellent.

And it's about funnels funnily enough.

It's also the last and among the best trainings this season, I will review.

What is a Funnel?

There is A funnel , at its simplest, a succession of webpages a prospect goes through until they take a desired task.

Now you might choose to create a site to market a webinar, or possibly an affiliate offer?

There are lots of distinct varieties of funnels.

Here are some examples of funnels (chosen from Video Marketing Insider):

Some are simple, others are more complicated and require greater webpages but if I were you, I would keep them to 2-3 pages maximum to make your life more easy.

The product I am looking at this , funnelize shows you a lot of different funnels for different situations and how they can be used by you.

You'll need to be proactive in taking action to get the most from it although the instruction is value.

Here's snapshot of what is contained on the front end of Funnelize.

  • 14 modules of movie training
    35+ movies in total
  • Over 8hrs of content
  • Step broken down into actionable instruction
  • Case studies and walkthroughs for each funnel
  • 25+ Cheatsheets along with PDFs
  • Case Study revealing one funnel generated $4,500 in 7 days in sales
  • Traffic/retargeting training
  • Email marketing training

Funnelize Review of this funnel

First let us look at the prices of the front as we have already seen everything you get.

Initial 6 Months On December 19th (10am-4pm EST) $12.95

December 19th 5pm EST -- December 26 23:59pm -$19.95

December 27 continuing $37

Funnelize review

Here are the Upsells. I'll say today OTO 1 and two.

OTO 1: Funnelize Black Book ($37) << Must possess

10 additional funnels from million-dollar marketers reverse-engineered and also"funnelhacked" out of top-to-bottom including sales pages, OTOs, mails...etc

GET THIS: I understand from experience the time consuming they will be to study and these could be.

And should you experienced and do not want the offer, do it to find this.

OTO 1 Downsell: 5 Case studies($17)

5 of those case studies have been removed from the OTO.

OTO two: Funnelize University ($47)

Terrific Value
$47/mth after launching

This will be $47 a month after launch and you also get service trainings and 1-1 help.

As soon as you can get it 9, why pay monthly.

Get this too. Outstanding supply and will surely permit you to proceed with what you learn.

OTO 3 : DFY High-Ticket Funnel ($197)

All webinar registrations are automatically added into your autoresponder (all Significant autoresponders are supported)

All instruction, follow-up mails and e-mail are provided by JayKay.

This service allows the user to market a $997 webinar.

Please note that these are JayKay's webinars you will be promoting, which means you will be expecting to get earnings although constructing his list.

Nothing wrong with this, just so you know.

Funnelize Summary

Funnelize Experts

  • Training was introduced by well. Videos and slides
  • Super during launch
  • Walkthroughs and case studies provided
  • Wonderful OTO 1 plus OTO two

Funnelize Cons

Set up stuff and I would like to have seen within plus a couple more nuts and bolts.

Will want to take actions (this is not paint by numbers stuff).

Will need some tools. Builder and potentially autoresponder

Note: these last 2 points are not really cons.

PS.. I hope you enjoyed this Funnelize review. Please leave some questions below and apparent cookies to get my unique funnelize bonuses.

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