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Does Quick Scalp Trader Really Work

Leapfx Review -- Is Quick Scalp Trader a Great One?

I have reviewed a lot of Forex robots onto this site. LeapFX as an entity is the latest one to catch my attention as far as EAs are concerned. LeapFX is the developer behind Quick Scalp Trader.

You might have come across Quick Scalp Trader and you wondered whether it had been the right automated trading option for you.

The one thing I will start this off Leap FX inspection is by stating that the team appears to be advertising towards seasoned traders.

The website maintains that Quick Scalp Trader is aiming for up to 250 pips per month. It is scalping the Forex market to achieve such yields.

Please note. If you want a genuine and much reliable trading robot, go to this page.

You could also invest in such a particular Forex and Cryptocurrency trading course to understand how trading is done. You don't need to rely on automatic solutions if you learn how to trade.

Otherwise, I'm grateful that you are here, needing to understand what Fast Scalper Trader from LeapFX is about.

Fast Scalp Trader Review -- How Why did LeapFX perform a great job?

LeapFX staff are claiming are the"experts in automated trading solutions".

The person who registered the domain is called Cory Henig.

Cory has a background with the Forex market. He is not a entire stranger when it comes to discussing people who've been involved in the Forex trading industry.

In 2012, he played a substantial role. He then went silent after only to twenty-six decades later with a specialist adviser named Quick Scalp Trader.

The developer claims that the scalping method employed by Quick Scalp Trader is unique in the sense that it enables greater compatibility with brokers without being reliant on spread conditions and execution times.

The programmer does not elaborate on how the software is planning to attain this objective.

I have discovered that Quick Scalp Trader is seeking to reach 5-15 pips per transaction.

If you're going to aim at 15 volatility max, it means you're be scalping the markets. You may require extremely low and favorable spread requirements.

Even the best Forex agents in the marketplace will find it challenging to help you since in Forex trading, even aiming for as little as 5 pips per transaction necessitates lower spreads and nothing can alter that reality, not even technology.

The sales page asserts that Quick Scalp Trader was engineered by a pioneer in the scalping field called William Morrison.

William Morrison seems like a stranger at first. But following some research here and there, then I discovered that this man was involved in generating Forex trading strategies 6 decades back.

Some of his Forex trading strategies comprise Million Dollar Pips, Forex Growth Bot, FX Phantom and Forex replicator.

I also don't understand why there is not any appropriate explanation about the scalping type of Quick Scalp Trader.

The programmer is only giving us vague explanations where they cite micro-second calculations, unique engineering and a couple of parameters. In all this, Leap FX does not give us the approach this trading applications is currently using.

Quick Scalp Trader Review -- Leapfx product features and pricing

The price range for this particular Forex robot is different between $297-497.

Obviously it's using scalping strategy and trading over the 1h period frame.

It trades 2 FX pairs only.

Both licenses are coming together with the same features. These include a detailed manual, automatic upgrades, immediate download, settings as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Should you invest $297, you receive just one year access to this program. If you pay $497, you obtain a lifetime access to this software.

1 thing that I could recommend is that until you create any step, contact service and explore this money back guarantee merely to make sure that there are no good prints which can work.

Inspection -- the review

Many individuals are not familiar with the name LeapFX, such as myself.

This page appears to be incomplete. They recently added links tagged"manual trading" and"Managed Forex accounts".

There is nothing in those pages. Their auto-trading webpage is the sole region of the site that is linking out into the robot Quick Scalp Trader.

In the menu tab called"Forex brokers", the website is linking out to two Forex agents known as ThinkForex and FXchoice. I trust FXchoice more than ThinkForex.


I like the fact that LeapFX has really gone a notch higher to provide us with their myfxbook results.

QuickScalp System from leapfx Myfxbook

The account is revealing a 119% profit in a length of 3 weeks (April to July).

Draw down is only 8.6%, which is a fantastic figure as you may conserve your funds in this case.

The other information is hidden using a padlock sign. We can't observe the trading equilibrium, withdrawal, deposit, equity and much more.

I don't know why LeapFX is concealing this important information. It makes me believe that they don't need us to see what might or have gone wrong with this account.

My difficulty is I need to observe a lot larger trading sample. 6 months of trading functionality would be helpful.

I'd have appreciated transparency in how myfxbook results are presented by LeapFX.

Whereas the three month trading outcomes are remarkable, I am not certain why they went to"hiding" for 6 years only to return with a different trading robot.

I'd like to keep monitoring this program just to see how it can turn out in the long run.

Please note your comments below in the event you have something which you would like to convey.

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