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DesignEvo Review: Is it the Best Logo Creating Software?

A symbol is the identity of your enterprise.

What do you see if you see or go to a new website or new?

A Logo, right?

It's the first and the last impression for virtually any brand. Let's have an example; I need assistance in this-this won't take over two minutes.

Picture Apple...

What's the first thing that came into your mind?

Was that Apple's logo? I'm sure that it was the emblem.

Apple is an established brand, and they have a well-designed plus a beautiful emblem. However, what if you want to create such eye catching logos? Have you got a budget to invest $500+ to make such beautiful logos?

If so, that is wonderful!

However if you do not possess the large budget now, I have a wonderful instrument known as DesignEvo that may make clean, beautiful and simple logos at no cost.

But if you're thinking how can you give logo service for free it is a paid job. If that's your question, I'd suggest that you to stick around and read the whole article all your doubts will soon be crystal clear.

So let's begin with my honest DesignEvo Review.

What's DesignEvo?

DesignEvo is a cloud based program which works online. This tool can help you create an endless number of completely free logos without the support of any expert designer.

Together with DesignEvo you can be your own designer. They've a user-friendly interface with you can produce eye-catching logo in less than 60 minutes.

The Way to Use DesignEvo?

Now you know what's DesignEvo and how it works let's today directly dive into its features:

DesignEvo Features

A Huge library of icons that are never-ending
Drag and drop interface

Free to use

Prebuilt templates that you edit

What You Could produce with DesignEvo:

You can make various types of logos together using DesignEvo

  • Company & Organization Logo
  • Website & Blog Logo
  • Social Media Profile Logo
  • Software & App Logo
  • Brand Logo
  • Business Logo
  • Wedding Logo
  • Club Logo

...and many more.

Issues solved with DesignEvo

Listed below are a couple of serious marketplace problems which DesignEvo is trying to address.

You're not creative:

Worry no longer, if you are not creative but still want your logo to become professional, and from the box now you can accomplish that. Using DesignEvo and their enormous 4000+ professional logo templates, then you can make a logo in any niche.

They've a symbol in Nearly Every market possible (more on this later)

Endless Customizations:

With their own icon packs and beautiful font, then you can customize the logo you like. It is possible to change the background, substitute the fonts, then change the picture size all with one click. Is not that astonishing? Technology is progressing quite fast Nowadays

No more nuisance:

Nowadays you don't need to be reliant on your symbol designer to change minor things for you. You can perform unlimited adjustments in your logo until you make it perfect.

Cloud According Software:

Since DesignEvo is a cloud based program, you don't have to download the program and maintain the massive file onto your PC. Everything is going to be operated and saved on the web.

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Niches covered in DesignEvo:

There are more than 30+ markets in which they have their logos. I will not be covering them you can assess their site if you would love to explore every market.

Here I am covering all the popular markets in the market at the moment:

#1. Company and Consultancy

#2. Sports and Fitness

#3. Lifestyle

#4. Fashion & Beauty

#5. Food & Drink

#6. Travel and Resort

Because you can see that they have some good group of special logos.

DesignEvo Pricing:

I had been yelling out loud that you can create logos for free and yes you can but to a certain extent.

Every application is absolutely free to a certain degree, also DesignEvo isn't any exclusion which is good in my opinion.

If you're utilizing the emblem on commercial sites than it is advised to get the copy of your logo by paying for it one time.

They have three strategies:

Free: In the free program you can download unlimited logos, but you will get low-resolution pictures and PNG files using a background.

Fundamental: The simple plan has a 1 time charge of $19.99 wherein you get superb top quality 5000*5000 Colours logo, png with a transparent background, unlimited adjustments, and lifetime support.

Plus: The Plus program has a cost of $39.99/one time. Trust me it's the best value for your money. I am personally with their plan, and it's so good that I am delighted to pay them $40 for this.

You get super high quality 5000*5000 images, lifetime support, unlimited adjustments, copyright free image, vector and SVG files.


  • Free to download logos
  • Endless icons and beautiful fonts


Have not discovered any yet.

Finals Words:

In my view, it is an adequate software if you are a blogger or a small business owner who do not hold huge budgets than you can definitely try out DesignEvo.

You can also use this application to acquire some design ideas and revamp it completely if you're a professional logo designer and are looking for a few creative ideas.

If you enjoyed this DesignEvo Review, then don't forget to leave a comment below.

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