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Viralsweep Review Does It Really Work

Viralsweep Review: Watch What a Contest Can Do for Your Blog

RecentlyI gave away some MacBook Air.

The winner has been chosen by a random drawing on February 1st. The prize has been valued at $899.

The contest was interesting and provided some interesting results I thought I'd share.

The catalyst behind the competition and this post's star is a handy tool called Viralsweep. Get prepared to understand what a competition can do for your blog and Viralsweep functions.

Viralsweep Review a Contest on My Website Run

Running a contest is something which that you may want to think about.

A contest can deliver your blog favorable results. Matters like publicity. Brand consciousness. Word-of-Mouth advertising. Signups to your own sanity. Those are the conventional outcomes.

Within our modern online age, a competition more especially brings in email subscribers, social networking visitors and followers, engagement, and positive vibes (that are hard to measure, but real nonetheless.)

Firms are holding competitions because forever, and those motives are the reason they are still popular.

You may be thinking,"Matt, I am unable to afford to give away a prize like that." No problem. You may discover that a $30 gift card generates some fantastic buzz and contributes to more results than you predicted.

Oh, you need to know I spent $156 on Viralsweep. So my price included 4 weeks of Viralsweep at $39 per month that sets my complete.

Viralsweep does have a free version you may use, it simply doesn't have as many features or tracking data as the Guru plan (I chose.) There's also a Business program that's the best, but most you won't have to spend.

So be sure to select and offer a prize that meets your budget.

Aside from price, another objection which may be holding you back is"time and effort." Maintaining a contest sounds like much more work? Something which will require invested time and focus...Imagine if I told you Viralsweep simplifies the process, effectively tracks the participants and makes it possible to achieve results?

More Details:

Curious now?

Let's take a good look at Viralsweep.

Opening up a new account with Viralsweep is easy. No credit card is necessary to get started.

As soon as you're in the dashboard, you can start a competition, track a current one, or examine the outcomes of a competition that is finished.

You can see that I have one competition.

Let me take you back to how I began the contest before I enter these outcomes. (I should have taken some screenshots of this installation, but I did not.) I am able to inform you Viralsweep gave me an option to set up six distinct ways a person can enter.

Because you are brought more consequences by giving individuals methods of entering, this is fantastic.

You're able to choose less than six entrances if you prefer, but I thought, why not get the most out of this chance? So to help individuals raise their likelihood of winning (equal to purchasing 6 raffle tickets as opposed to just 1) and take advantage of this event, I put up 6 ways to enter, which is the max.

How can this give YOU more outcomes?

In my case, 1 way people could get into the drawing for a brand new MacBook Air was to subscribe to my email newsletter.

When they needed, they may also enter five more times by...

-Subscribing into the BYOB YouTube station

-Follow @buildurownblog on Twitter

-Follow buildyourownblog on Pinterest

Comment on

-Follow matthewkaboomisloomis on Instagram

I started the contest After I put this in place.

Viralsweep enables you to embed the contest widget into your blog post (or internet page. But you want to utilize it)

As you can see, it created a lot of excitement.

I'd have liked to of seen more societal shares...maybe some folks thought sharing the information would lower their opportunity to win???

Needless to say, I encouraged this article through all of my social channels along with an email blast.

One thing I did not do is spend money on advertisements with this contest. Rather, I let my very own stations that are totally free do the work.

One reason I didn't invest in advertising this competition is since there is a fantastic possibility it could draw some (or many) individuals who are below the normal target market of BYOB. In other words, people could be attracted by a contest in this way not actually interested in your goods your specialty or solutions. Once it is over they may need to put in the competition and won't stick around.

I believe that occurs on some level with any company competition. Not sure you are able to stop that. But I thought possibly avoiding things like"sponsored articles" on Facebook will cut down on the below average traffic.

Plus I thought I'd wait to see what the outcomes were before making more on promotions on the first contest of this scale.

So I encouraged this post via the BYOB SM stations during the subsequent 6 months.

Viralsweep let's you change the deadline. Intending to end at midnight New Year's Day, I decided to let it go till the end of January.

Was made certain not more promote this competition. Twitter is where you can post the very exact things multiple times rather than embarrass people, as long as you space them out. This did lead to a great conversation and retweet counts.

(This gives you an concept of the potential Twitter stocks a competition can attract. These are not all them.)

Okay, so now let's take a look at the advantages this competition provided...

Viralsweep Review: The Contest Results At-a-Glance

All these are the levels of each contest entry point.

Each category'll break down and give them a grade:

Email Clients

The sign ups for my newsletter were nice but in comparison from the competition, along with the readers I had, the 395 gained 6 weeks wasn't a significant increase over. My subscription rates were strong apart from using Viralsweep, also continue to be stable now.
Grade: C-

YouTube Subscribers

This class turned out the best of all. By incorporating contributors I doubled the complete subscriber count.

You may see on this graph, I picked up 164 subscribers.

Regardless of the inclination of a competition contributor to become engaged than the"organic" users, the uplift in YouTube subscribers generated direct and possibly indirect increase in channel perspectives and video watch time.


Twitter Followers

Another decent yield. I picked up more than a third more Twitter followers with Viralsweep.
Grade: B

Pinterest Followers

My Pinterest channel is still a kid, so it was good to pick up 277 followers. That is almost half of the present total followers. I am still studying Pinterest, so right now it's difficult to say how a lot of these folks are repining my things visiting my site.
Grade: B-

Comments on BYOB

This entry in to the drawing supplied a great deal of engagement on the contest blog article. Besides the competition post, I do not believe the Viralsweep contest generated a great deal of comments on blog articles. I am aware a small amount were, which can be nice, but long term, the competition itself did not create a ton of constant commenters. Not surprising, actually. Although a smaller percentage are less inclined to comment on a different topic they are eager to remark on the MacBook Air contest article.
Grade: C

Followers on Instagram

I'm grateful for being able to double my followers. The sole reason why this effect will not get a tier that is high is because I do not utilize IG to drive visitors. I've still got plenty to learn, and those followers will continue to engage and visit the site once I share BYOB posts on IG, and a couple will convert there or here. Time will tell.
Grade: B

Viralsweep Review: Contest Conclusions

In my view the MacBook Air drawing proved to be a effort that helped BYOB boost its customer base in the bigger social media platforms of Pinterest, Twitter along with YouTube, with YT benefitting the maximum.

The email list growth was unspectacular (relative to Regular BYOB outcomes )

Advertisements will be helped with by the spike in YouTube readers I decide to run on the market, leading to a YT channel.

Not sure I'll perform a second competition similar to this one anytime soon, but I really do think Viralsweep might be useful for boosting potential jobs like an eBook or Course.

Viralsweep Review Wrap Up: What Are You Thinking About Doing with This Tool?

Got plans or any thoughts on using Viralsweep? Have you used it? What did you believe? Let's talk about it in the comments.

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