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Present-day retargeters that wish to maintain their competitive advantage and boost conversion results.

ECommerce vendors who wish to flip tire kickers to gains that are MAXIMIZE and buyers.

Merchandise sellers looking to provide prospects chances on offer.

Affiliate and CPA entrepreneurs boosting.

List builders and bloggers who must convert website visitors into lucrative prospects.

Social Media Marketers looking to boost traffic that is viral and their following.

Anyone NEW to retargeting wanting the simplest approach to exploit this type of marketing.

ConnectRetarget Pricing:

You can Select from 3 strategies the program that suits you:

[+] Annual Plan: $147/Year

[+] Lifetime Plan: Onetime Payment Of $197

=> Important Note: (This lifetime option is only available for 4 days)

Pre-Made Audience templates.

Premium Email Support.

=Special ConnectRetarget Quick Action Bonus The"hidden questionnaire" strategy.

=The"never-ever" strategy.

=> The"articles extortion" strategy.

=The"webinar maximizer" strategy.

=> The"funnel leak" strategy.

=The"triple-proof" strategy.

=> And much more.

Our retargeting plans have not been shown before... and you're about to become among the first to obtain access.

FAB #2: Ad Copy Tool ($197 value):

You'll never struggle again with things to say on your FB advertisements... because we are providing you a copy of our instrument which writes your FB Ads copy for you. Simply enter the keywords that you need to utilize in your advertisement... and we will do the rest. Creating ads has NEVER been this easy!

FAB #3: Retargeting Advertisement Swipe Record ($77 value):

The best FB retargeters don't create advertisements from scratch... they borrow from what is already working! It's the reason why we're providing you our Facebook Retargeting Swipe file with 100+ cases of recognized retargeting advertisements to be used for your advertising production motivation.

FAB #4:: Definitive Guide on Facebook Retargeting (Value $97):

We have put together a comprehensive guide on everything there is to learn about Facebook retargeting. This 24-paged ebook can make everyone who's planning to begin using retargeting, a prompt expert!
ConnectRetarget Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q1: How does the software increase gains and my conversions?

Response: It uses state-of-the-art behavior based segmentation... which means it's possible to create certain audiences depending on the exact actions your site traffic takes.

This usually means that you can serve highly targeted ads which talk DIRECTLY to certain men and women. Which means a radically higher conversion fee, while also lowering your advertisement expenses.

Q2: I have never retargeted before... will this work for me personally?

Answer: Definitely! As powerful as the program is, it's also the simplest way to take advantage of retargeting. The included coaching shows anybody -- even newbies -- step by step how to use the software and create campaigns that are strong.

Q3: Any possibility of having my FB ads account shut down?

Answer: Not using the software -- we have worked with the FB development team and the software is 100% compliant. Of course you have to ensure that your ads are compliant but this is all covered inside your FB advertising manager accounts.

Q4: Will this work on my Mac?

Response: Absolutely -- the program is cloud-based therefore that it runs flawlessly on almost any operating system. You're all set.

Q5: I run retargeting campaigns.

Response: Conventional retargeting is extremely limited -- basically, it treats each man who visited your website and left exactly the same. By meaning you, the advertisements are delivered to a vast range of users. This money spent on analyzing and ad creation.

With ConnectRetarget, you get hyper-targeted audiences according to activities. So it is possible to create ads that are specific depending on the kind. You save money by not chasing tire kickers, and explode your conversions by reconnecting with your most engaged traffic.

Q6: I don't have my very own products but promote affiliate offers. Will this work for me personally?

Response: Yes, since you have complete control over what link you send into your target viewers. Many affiliates have utilized retargeting efficiently to boost revenue... ConnectRetarget puts these effects on steroids.


Response: You can email us in -- we'll be happy to assist you!

More Details:

ConnectRetarget OTO:

OTO#1: Link Audience:

You can choose from 2 plans the program that suits you:

[+] Yearly Plan: $197/Year

Connect Audience Changes How You Manage Your
Lists, Facebook Advertising and Re-targeting... Forever.

It's a Revolutionary Autoresponder and Facebook Re-targeting System that will to Receive Your Own Subscriber Lists and Facebook Ads Working With Seamlessly Giving You Successful New Ways to Conquer Facebook So You Can Easily Double Or Triple Your Sales!

[+] Sync Your Own Subscriber Lists and FB Custom Audiences:

Handle your custom audiences directly between your Autoresponders and FB advertising manager. ConnectAudience handles everything!

[+] Construct Laser-Targeted or Segmented Audiences:

Now it is simpler than ever to make unique audiences out of the autoresponder lists based on standards or preferences that you put depending on your readers' actions... with almost endless possibilities!

Your Earnings Per Subscriber Increases By 156% to 243%:

Easily multiply revenue generated from the subscriber lists. Best of all, with no sending more emails!

[+] Produce FB Advertisement Campaigns That Prove Insane ROI:

By producing super-profitable campaigns which will target exactly the readers you want... it doesn't get any easier!

[+] Integrates With Your FB Account and Autoresponders For Seamless Efficiency:

No more time wasted imitating , downloading CSV documents, filtering readers, and (re)building custom audiences manually, etc.. ConnectAudience manages everything for you!

Nothing to download or install. Use through any internet browser! Compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux and even tablets or devices that are mobile!

ConnectAudience takes your marketing to the next level:

What if you are able to get Facebook ads to display to list readers who've bought from you?

Imagine if you may get Facebook ads to show only?

Imagine if your contributor lists can be segmented by you to customized audiences that are ultra-targeted based on standards and particular preferences?

What if your FB custom audiences and campaigns got automatically updated with new subscribers based on your settings and desires... without uploading or copying csv files?

What should you think having more and these abilities can do for your company?

It has been proven again and again...By effectively becoming your lists and Facebook re-targeting working jointly, it is possible to dramatically increase revenues per subscriber.

ConnectAudience makes that simple to do!

With a simple interface that manages your autoresponder lists (works with almost all the major autoresponder services), in addition to your FB custom viewers... mechanically and together with laser-precision!

No matter who you're ConnectAudience will help you take your advertising to new heights that are exciting:

Are you just beginning in advertising online?

ConnectAudience can help you get the absolute most from your readers, even if your lists are tiny! By running smart, well-targeted attempts on Facebook, you'll receive more clicks and see more profits than emailing.

Increase your earnings per subscriber base and construct your earnings, which means you may do promotion and develop your lists more!

Are you an experienced online marketer?

You may be frustrated by dwindling earnings per subscriber, seeing dismal click or open rates and so on. With ConnectAudience, you can make more cash from the lists by doing clever targeting to sections of your lists (find out the pet niche instance above, which is only the tip of the iceberg to whatever you can do!) , install more, and super-efficient campaigns to your market.

You are going to receive higher levels of engagement from the readers, far less spam complaints (since you won't have to email them longer to get better outcomes )better open/click rates, and even more!

Are you a business owner?

Get more activity from FB fan page and your client database. Run ultra-targeted advertisements for upcoming events promotions, along with other incentives to your clients. This will increase prospects, goodwill, brand recognition, and naturally... revenue!

A few more reasons ConnectAudience is so radical:

You get infinite options to laser-target your advertisement campaigns utilizing the exceptionally advanced and/or port (take a look at the demo to see this in action!)

Fully automatic updating of your habit audiences -- if you have fast-growing lists, this feature alone will save several hours a week!

Regular updating of audiences spans are pre-set by you or may be carried out everywhere!

Build and manage new crowds by utilizing Facebook's Lookalike Audiences attribute -- build audiences dependent on the demographics/data of your subscribers!

Supports audiences and subscriber lists!

Intuitive dashboard that will have you building super-targeted custom made audiences. With no learning curve!

Here are Only a few ways Which You Can maximize gains with Join Audience's exceptional capabilities:

=> Target an overlapping segment of subscribers who are on a few of your own lists.

=Great if you have buyers lists for a number of products!

=Target your listing to exclude previous buyers of a commodity.

=Also retains your audiences mechanically updated to weed future buyers, so your audiences always stay super-targeted!

=> Target people who received but didn't open a particular email(s).

=Great way to try to secure more exposures to an offer without sending more emails!

=> Target people who opened your email, but didn't click any links.

=Great way to increase click rates and boost earnings per contributor!

=> Goal people who opened an email AND clicked a hyperlink.

=Great way to get individuals re-exposed to any offer to boost conversions. And you are always responsible, even!

=> Construct audiences according to segmenting data and/or chosen emails sent.

=> Great means to follow up with highly-targeted/qualified repeat buyers on good-selling promotions!

=Custom tailor advertising to stay informed about your followup sequences.

=> Increase exposures to high-ticket offers with Facebook advertisements, while enabling your readers along your email sequence to acquire maximum conversions! (NOTE: there is tremendous potential with this capacity, we'll show you through the trainings!)

=> Create lookalike audiences to your lists.

=> Target Facebook users not on your list but match similar preferences, demographics and interests of your own subscribers.!

=There are hundreds of different possibilities!
OTO#2: Connect Leads:

You can choose from 2 plans the program that suits you:

[+] Lifetime Plan:Onetime Payment Of $197

Connect Leads automatically submits all leads making this the instrument business owner & every Facebook advertiser is awaiting.

Connect Leads:

=> It collects email subscribers from WITHIN the Facebook newsfeed, right into your autoresponder!

=> Individuals only have to click on your message... there is NO TYPING required!

=> Facebook will then automatically pre-fill all of their information (their name, email, connection status, etc )

=They DON'T have to go through some"Facebook program authorization" or some of the stuff.

=> It works perfectly within all the Facebook mobile programs (iOS, Android, etc). This software does is unthinkable.

=You can start collecting leads and promoting products right inside Facebooks newsfeed, that really will be taking social advertising to the exact next degree.

=And best of all... it's 100 percent Facebook approved (Facebook manually vetted the entire program before going live).

Taking Lead Generation on Facebook

Add new subscribers to your own email lists -- automatically and dynamically -- directly from within Facebook!

As Facebook users click on subscribe, your subscriber list grows in real-time.

Feed new subscribers and funnel immediately, with no work!

ConnectLeads handles it all!

Cloud-based Software -- Nothing. Utilize on Windows, Mac, Linux and even tablets or devices!

And much more!

What's Connect Leads such a game-changer?

Your leads go directly (in real-time) into your autoresponder/CRM account upon actions!

Easy setup -- put your listing up with just a few clicks and simply choose the desired Query Ads!

Will work on almost all other systems by pasting in some HTML code!

Prospects can sign up for your own webinars inside FB using two or three taps!

Highly customizable area mapping abilities!

Add extra fields or queries via ads that are direct, all data feeds right to your listing -- perfect for segmenting!

Analytics and real-time data -- determine how many new prospects you're netting to a daily basis and much more!

Dashboard which will get your ConnectLeads fully setup in a matter of minutes!

ConnectLeads is compatible with the platforms, and other programs:

Here are a few ways Which You Can immediately put Connect Leads to actions:

=> Use it to get new subscribers to your newsletter!

=Use it to promote your ebook or special report as a lead magnet from within Facebook (NO landing or squeeze page desired!)

=> Offer instant bargains, coupons and other incentives available for immediate opt-in!

=> Marketing B2B? Use Advertisements to run surveys to create qualified leads!

Utilize FB ConnectLeads and Advertising to market your webinar!

=> There are countless different possibilities!

Let Connect Leads take your advertising to new levels:

[+] If you are just starting out in advertising online:

ConnectLeads will help you get the most out of your Facebook advertisement campaigns. Maximize traffic that is cellular that will help you build a collection of subscribers , at the lowest possible cost.

In reality, with a few of the distinctive bonuses we are providing, we will explain to you how to slash your lead costs drastically (See Bonus #1 below). And with another incentive, we'll explain to you how to leverage it for FREE (See Bonus #6 below)!

[+] If You're a seasoned internet marketer:

You might find yourself becoming frustrated by decreasing yields, click/open rates that are poor and so forth.

You will discover yourself getting subscribers for price! And bear in mind, with our bonuses, we will explain to you how you can slash your direct costs!

[+] If you are a company owner:

You will end up getting more potential clients and clients, for far less than you've been paying for standard Facebook clicks, Adwords as well as media purchases!

Run online promotions, introduce upcoming events and offer incentives for customers to engage with you. You will see your company gaining referral organization leads, goodwill and earnings!


Finally I suggest that you to get your Copy of ConnectRetarget?

On average, over 9 out of every 10 first time visitors to your sites will leave WITHOUT creating a purchase or signing up to your own list. Therefore, if you're not following up with these people, you are leaving money on the table. And if you PAID to push these people you are really throwing away.

Retargeting has come to be so popular That is. It offers you an opportunity to follow up with folks that hit your website and left without converting.

Retargeting does work, but not as good as it might.


It treats everybody the same. Any visitor that leaves without switching is treated precisely the same with"conventional" retargeting.

You can do better. In actuality, you can really boost your sales by up to 384% with one simple"tweak" to fundamental retargeting.

ConnectRetarget lets you SEGMENT your site users by behavior and action. For instance, it is going to tell you who closed your site and that stayed on for many minutes or longer.

Clearly, there's no use in targeting someone that strike on your web site by accident.

But customers that scrolled through lots of your articles and spent minutes on your page? These are people you have of converting a MUCH stronger chance

Into customers.

Created by means of a conversion expert who's been using retargeting since it first came out. His model lets you create ultra targeted viewers of site visitors that are genuinely engaged. And turn"no" to"yes" as frequently as you can.

So your conversion rates go through the roof, and your advertisement costs decrease.

There Are Lots of FB tools in the Industry outthere, but nothing comes close to ConnectRetarget's unqiue features including:

=Retargeting made simple for beginners.

=> Allows seasoned retargeters to maximize ROI.

=Works with ANY platform or page builder.

=> 100% FB compliant.

=> Harness the full potential of retargeting.

=> Send the perfect message to the perfect person at the right time.

=> Advanced behaviour and action-based retargeting.

=Pre-made audience creation templates.

=> Entirely customisable audiences on need.

=Maximize traffic, improve conversions & engagement.

=> Simple integration with your FB ads account.

=> Exclusive FB retargeting coaching included.

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