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Is Niche Miner Work or Not

Presenting NICHE MINER

Beginning your own store through dropshipping is among the most accessible ways to start an ecommerce business fast and inexpensively, but finding dropshippers that provide the specific products you wish to market can at times be a challenge. This is particularly true for entrepreneurs who wish to sell licensed pop-culture merchandise like Star Wars, Harry Potter or even Marvel branded goods, as numerous suppliers and companies simply don't have legal access to market licensed variants of the product.

But, now that Niche Miner has launched for Shopify stores, ecommerce companies will have access to all these popular licensed products, lawfully, so they can sell them to their clients.

NICHE MINER is an option for ecommerce marketers that are interested in selling pop-culture product to their clients but have not been able to because of stringent licensing legislation and laws. Up until now, it's been notoriously tough for ecommerce businesses to lawfully acquire branded merchandise to sell to their customers since popular film, TV and video game franchises have been typically very selective of that businesses could sell their merchandise.

But NICHE MINER provides a massive selection of official pop-culture merchandise from familiar movie, TV and video game franchises which Shopify shop owners can easily sell straight from their ecommerce shops and dropship directly for their customers.

To find out more about the way NICHE MINER can provide officially licensed product for companies to dropship right from their own Shopify stores, continue reading.

NICHE MINER Shopify App Homepage

NICHE MINER allows you to quickly and easily sell officially certified pop-culture products within your Shopify shop. They operate like every other dropship supplier: you put in their products to a shop, your clients buy the products, your client's orders automatically forward to NICHE MINER, also NICHE MINER ships and meets the orders directly to your customers.

The significant distinction between NICHE MINER and other dropshipping platforms would be that the product selection they're ready to supply. There are no other dropship suppliers offering a selection of officially licensed pop-culture merchandise, and that is what sets NICHE MINER apartfrom

NICHE MINER came to existence because of a cooperation between Bioworld, that will be known as a leading provider of accredited pop-culture accessories and apparel, and Oakland established firm Hingeto, also a Y-Combinator backed dropship platform which helps brands take stock risk out of retail. Pair the two together and you've got a powerful combination of excellent products and a trusted fulfillment service that created the NICHE MINER app so all Shopify stores could integrate with their support and market exclusive products for their customers.


NICHE MINER is for Shopify ecommerce merchants considering selling licensed pop-culture product to their clients through dropshipping. Up until this stage, it's been a battle for ecommerce marketers to source and sell pop-culture goods legally.
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In A Better Lemonade Stand we've even had past instances of company owners contacting us asking where they can lawfully source official products from popular franchises like Star Wars, and we've had no providers to urge them simply because an agency such as NICHE MINER didn't exist.

What NICHE MINER can provide ecommerce entrepreneurs would be the opportunity to participate with customers by purchasing high-converting products from popular brands, without the risk of infringing on trademarks. This truly is going to be a game-changing service for ecommerce entrepreneurs considering tapping into this market.

To create their service much more accessible to all online affiliate marketers, NICHE MINER goods are offered through dropshipping so there are no upfront costs to obtain stock, there is no stock management demanded and businesses do not have to send products themselves. This way even ecommerce business owners can utilize NICHE MINER easily without needing to commit any amount of their money upfront for stock.

NICHE MINER's Features & Solutions

NICHE MINER provides ecommerce business entrepreneurs with the tools to curate goods from their wide selection of accessories and apparel from popular movies, TV shows and video games and put them to their own shops with only a couple clicks. Simply integrate the NICHE MINER app along with your Shopify shop, choose and market your preferred products, sell them to your clients and NICHE MINER manages everything from shipping, logistics, inventory management and manufacturing.

NICHE MINER Offers a Large Array of Officially Licensed Product

NICHE MINER Shopify App Choice of Pop Culture Merch

Since the NICHE MINER app was created in partnership with Bioworld, a top supplier of accredited pop-culture accessories and apparel, you can envision the selection of products they are able to supply. Regardless of what kind of merchandise you're looking to sell your clients, whether it be more t-shirts, hats, backpacks, etc, there is more than enough option for you to kit your store out with just as much or as little product as you desire.

The favorite franchises NICHE MINER shares include:

Lucas Films
Warner Bros..

Stick to selling these brands exclusively on your ecommerce site or offer a range of product from various brands, the decision is yours. There is no limit to the amount or types of product you can sell on your own store. NICHE MINER gives a broad range of products to choose from, all you have to do is narrow them down and curate them to match your brand and your target market's interests.

Choice of Official Franchise Merch NICHE MINER Shopify App Offers

Zero Inventory

Since the other half of the NICHE MINER app is led from the Hingeto dropship platform, so you don't have to be concerned about managing inventory -- ever. This is a huge barrier-to-entry removed for ecommerce companies who do not have the time or the capital to handle majority stock, also it makes it easier for businesses to handle different facets of their store while they leave the stock management logistics up to the experts.

Automatic Dropship Fulfillment

NICHE MINER Shopify App Dropship Fulfillment

When orders are received automatically through the app, the NICHE MINER staff can immediately start picking and packing the orders and will ship them straight to your clients within 3-5 business days. No requirement for any input or management in your part, NICHE MINER handles all of the shipping and logistics on their end quickly and mechanically.

Easy Shopify App Integration

Integrate the NICHE MINER program straight with your Shopify store so it is possible to add products fast, literally in just a matter of clicks, and convey orders between your customers and NICHE MINER effectively -- in, it's all automatic. NICHE MINER incorporates directly with your Shopify store so there's less room for lost orders, miscommunication and human error so you can conduct your dropshipping business smoothly, effortlessly and automatically.

Automatic Pricing & Inventory Updates

NICHE MINER Shopify Program Offers Automatic Pricing & Inventory Updates

NICHE MINER automatically upgrades their product stock and pricing so that you're always in-the-know when goods are or are not accessible, and you're constantly aware of any cost changes or updates so your profits won't ever be compromised.

NICHE MINER's Pros & Cons

The most important advantage of utilizing NICHE MINER's support is that there's currently no additional service such as theirs in existence. What they are in a position to provide ecommerce store owners is alleviating a significant pain point since in the past no company had been in a position to provide licensed pop-culture merchandise via jelqing, which restricted many ecommerce store owners from purchasing the goods they're considering selling.

In terms of disadvantages, NICHE MINER is a brand new program that has only just launched this year in order that they currently only incorporate with Shopify stores, and they simply offer their merchandise through dropshipping so there's no wholesaling or manufacturing alternative for companies who are potentially interested in sourcing their goods on a larger scale.


  • Products supplied by a leading provider of officially licensed pop-culture merchandise
  • Sell official merchandise legally without repainting registered trademarks
    Dropshipping business model makes it accessible to all businesses
    Wide selection of product inventory
  • NICHE MINER program integrates directly with Shopify
  • No shipping, fulfillment or logistics needed
  • No stock management
  • NICHE MINER automatically receives orders through the program and can Start fulfilling the Purchase
  • Automatic pricing and inventory updates


Only integrates with all the Shopify ecommerce system

The dropshipping company model often results in thinner profit margins (we discuss why in our own Dropshipping 101: What's Dropshipping article)


So as to utilize the NICHE MINER service and get their variety of products for your Shopify store, you must pick one of the monthly payment programs.

NICHE MINER's payment programs offer 3 separate pricing tiers:

Noob: $0, 10 goods and 20 orders each month
Pro: $50, 250 goods, 500 orders each month
Pro: $99, 500 goods, unlimited orders each month + early access to new features, multiple user account and messaging capabilities.


NICHE MINER is the leading platform for entrepreneurs to search, find and sell officially accredited pop-culture merchandise, and it is the very first service of its kind that's available to most Shopify shop owners without the danger of buying, managing and managing stock. The NICHE MINER program is a massive breakthrough for ecommerce company owners who have always wanted to market official pop-culture merchandise from the likes of Star Wars, Harry Potter, Marvel franchises, and more, and it's going to set a new benchmark for the way ecommerce businesses sell and source licensed product legally in an available and risk-free way.

If you are a business whose target audience is considering pop-culture product from popular franchises, or when you've been interested in promoting such merchandise in your own ecommerce store, then we highly recommend checking out NICHE MINER.

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